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Newsworthy - Excerpts Related to Trailing Spouses

Anderson Park Playground Recruiting becomes a Family Affair:
Companies try to ease relocation fears of job candidates' spouses.

by Maria Guzzo, Pittsburgh Business Times.

Mr. Diggs had spent most of his career with TRW's Cleveland office and a few years at its Virginia headquarters. Two years ago, PPG Industries Inc. approached him. While Mr. Diggs was interviewed for the position of general counsel, PPG asked his wife to take a tour with Ellen Roth, president of Getting to the Point, Inc., a Point Breeze-based relocation service. We were Cleveland natives so we were not that far away," Debbi Diggs said. "But the connotations were not good about Pittsburgh. This was enemy camp. But Ellen and the tour really turned our opinion around."...

...the firm helps corporations hire upper management personnel. To land the best candidates, companies have had to redesign the recruiting process and focus efforts not only on the potential employee but also on their spouses and families.

"Every company has a story about someone they didn't get," Ms. Roth said. "Often it's related to a family issue. The company realizes there's value in what we have." ...

Former Baltimore resident Karen Egorin of Shadyside got the grand tour last year when her husband interviewed for a position with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, which he later accepted.

Soergel Orchards "Ellen picked me up and spent the better part of 12 hours with me, showing me Pittsburgh as a cultural center as well as a home," she said. "We visited most of the neighborhoods, the Cultural District. We walked and had lunch and toured. She interviewed me on the kinds of things I would be interested in."...

"We were really concerned that this move was going to be rather traumatic," Ms. Egorin said. "He needed to do this professionally, but where was I? I had friends who date back to kindergarten. But I have felt incredibly warmly received here. I can't minimize her impact."

Taking the Terror out of Relocating:
Use of professional relocation consultants provides health care providers a competitive edge in the recruiting process.

Pittsburgh Hospital News.

...the problem in relocating today that is receiving the greatest attention pertains to the needs of dual career families. More women than ever before are now working outside the home because it is an economic necessity and/or a matter of personal growth and identity. ... The business [Getting to the Point, Inc.] ... provides spouses seeking employment with a network of contacts.

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