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Charming Housing To the Point:
Ellen Roth helps ease the transition for newcomers relocating to the region.

by Cynthia Bent, Executive Report.

Pittsburgh is a city that unfolds slowly, with all its hidden little neighborhoods. It's very helpful to have an insider guide you. If [individuals] know one thing about Pittsburgh, whether it be the sports teams or health care industry," Roth says, "they have a positive image. But if not, they focus on the past, and think it's dirty here. We have the opportunity to show Pittsburgh at it's best, and they're dazzled."...

A service Getting to the Point provides is serving as a recruiting partner for firms showing off the city to prospective hires. Her position as entry point to the city gives her an opportunity to make a difference in a family's decision to move.

New in Town? Find out Who's Who:
Local groups offer orientation program for city newcomers.

by Lawrence Walsh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

...They also conduct tours that detail Pittsburgh's economic transformation from a smoky steel town to one that is driven by education, health care and high technology.

The Power of Pittsburgh
Tower Publishing, Inc.

Among the most appreciated services offered by Getting to the Point is a comprehensive orientation tour of the city and surrounding areas. This tour provides objective, baseline information on neighborhoods...[and]...gives potential newcomers an overview of the region's growth and development.

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