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Union Switch and Signal Be Aware of Family Needs when Hiring a New Recruit
by Audrey Tobin, Small Business News Pittsburgh.

Getting to the Point helps family members make the connections they need to feel comfortable in their new city - from picking the right neighborhood and school to finding a banker, hairdresser or church they can trust.

"I connect people coming to the city with the life that they want to live," says Ellen Roth, president and co-founder of Getting to the Point. She's hit on the angle of recruiting that many employers overlook: the needs of the spouse and children.

Penn Brewery Hard-Sell City
by Steven N. Czetli, T.E.Q., a publication of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Vol. One, Issue Two.

Dr. Ellen Roth, a partner with attorney Jacqui Fiske Lazo, in a company called Getting to the Point, makes her living hand-holding newcomers for companies anxious to land and retain out-of-town talent. ...They have built a database of Pittsburgh connections that enables her to answer the most arcane questions about what's here and what's not. She can find riding stables, Baroque music groups, piano teachers, volunteer opportunities, medical specialists - just about anything a new resident needs.

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