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  • In only six months after moving from New York City to Pittsburgh, I feel that I've become a Pittsburgher, and I want to let you know how much you've helped me in making that transition. I was apprehensive about relocating to a city where I didn't know anyone. In welcoming us to Pittsburgh, you quickly dispelled those fears by presenting a friendly face and a warm heart, and by giving us the information we needed to make moving decisions with confidence. ...Since that time, well beyond the point where a hit-and-run business contact has left the scene, you have continued to show us that friendship and warmth. Your ongoing interest in our welfare has been extraordinary. ...Thank you again for everything that you've done for us. We appreciate your help more than you could know.

  • I really appreciate all your efforts in assisting me with finding a new career opportunity in the Pittsburgh area. It was very comforting to know that there was someone else exploring possible job opportunities for me. I recently accepted a job offer. Your contact was key to getting the first interview.

  • I wanted to let you know how much my husband and I have appreciated all the things that you and your associates have done for us in connection with our relocation to Pittsburgh. We've moved before, and had not previously encountered an organization that provides the services that Getting to the Point does. ...The tour of the city and surrounding areas and the highlighted map that your associate gave us were particularly helpful in orienting me to the area. I don't doubt that without this introduction, I would be wasting time today taking round about routes to essential places, and would not yet have discovered some of the interesting shops and cultural attractions. ...You also provided invaluable assistance by providing references that enabled us to quickly make selections for medical, dental and veterinary care. Additionally, your offer to introduce us to people in the area with common interests was most kind. ...Our house is still under construction, but when we "get to the point" of choosing window treatments and wall coverings, I'll be contacting you again to get your recommendations for places to call. Then, landscaping will be just around the corner. ...Ellen, the services and the time all of you have provided us have really been most helpful. I can't think of additional things you could have done to make our transition smoother. Thanks for all your help.

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  • From your first call to me in Texas, I have felt that I could ask for assistance about any subject. You have supplied all kinds of information that has been extremely useful such as summer activities for children, karate schools, and furniture stores. My son has been enjoying his dance classes as a direct result of your arranging an invitation for him to attend, and of course, we got our initial bearings and "feel" for Pittsburgh from the tour you gave us of the city and its places of interest. I am sure your enthusiasm for Pittsburgh, and all that it has to offer, has a lot to do with the positive attitude we adopted about the city and why we are all happy in our new environment. I hope this tells you that you are doing a fine job, and I am so grateful to my husband's company for recognizing that their transferees can benefit so greatly from Getting to the Point, Inc.

  • I want to let you know how much I appreciate your time and effort regarding our first visit to Pittsburgh. It is not going to be an easy decision or move, but you helped me feel that it can be done. ...I felt we accomplished a lot in just the time we were together. You were able to give me the "overview" my husband wanted, as well as a lot of "specifics." ...We received the follow-up info you sent about the "youth orchestra." It was quite interesting!! ...I feel really good about the amount we accomplished overall.

  • How could anyone see Pittsburgh without you? You were the best guide we have ever had in any city. It was such a pleasure to be with you. We learned a lot about Pittsburgh. Thank you for dealing with us! ...We received the "Facts" book today. My husband has really enjoyed learning all the details about your wonderful city. Thank you for sending it.

  • Thank you for including me at last week's luncheon. I enjoyed meeting so many talented and interesting women. You have a wonderful talent for bringing people together and making them feel comfortable. ...I really appreciate all you have done to make my transition to Pittsburgh so positive!

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  • When my husband decided to accept the job offer and we moved to Pittsburgh, your help in locating vital services was of great value. I love the hair stylist you recommended, and I really appreciated that you went to the extra effort of touring a conveniently located health club, so that you could safely recommend it to us. We both joined, and it is very central to our lives now. ...Then, you went even further and invited me to several luncheons and outings, to further acquaint me with the area and introduce me to other women. It made a big difference in those early, bewildering days here. ...It is really refreshing to meet someone who cares so much about a place and has found such a positive way to help newcomers and make them feel part of something exciting.

  • Thank you for the tour and all the information about your adopted city. It's obvious that you have become a real fan and you communicate that well. It is such a pleasure to see a city from the eye of a devotee. ...My questions have been answered as of now, and I do appreciate your help.

  • My sincere thanks to you for all of your time spent preparing for a meeting with me. ...My husband's company was very smart to arrange for your services and I will be happy to convey this to them, in addition to any other company.

  • We were very pleased with the overview of Pittsburgh that you so kindly provided. The information and tour were informative, enlightening, and well planned. As I told the headhunter, "You made Pittsburgh seem magical." I'd say that objectives were met and exceeded!

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